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  /  Leanne Howard
Leanne Howard, Testing Quality Summit Speaker

Leanne Howard

Planit Testing, Australia

Accelerate quality, halving the time, practise continuous testing with me.

Values the “lightweight” approaches, favouring pragmatic, outcome-focused working, with a predisposition towards just-in-time effort.  With 30+ years in the industry I have built up an extensive toolkit which can adapt to any context.

Ethics and Integrity form an important part of my core beliefs and values.  Also key, is my desire to be continuously learning and collaboratively sharing my knowledge with my peers. Benefit from my experience by succeeding first time.

A supportive leader is one that people gravitate to, as they are excited to learn from and work with this person. They empathise with the team whilst giving value to the organisation, leading everyone on a journey of growth. Leading by example, they help the team to succeed in their goals, challenging them to optimise whilst being their professional best friend. They have integrity, wisdom and inspire those that they come into contact with. Most importantly they are fun to work with, happy people are productive people. This is how I lead my teams.