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Is It Our Own Fault We Are Underrated?

Claire Goss, Testing Quality Summit Speaker

Claire Goss

Exactest, Ireland

I first wrote a blog post under this heading, then in March 2019, I spoke at the UKSTAR conference in London and the title of the talk sparked a huge amount of interest. As testers in organisations do we consider ourselves underrated or less important than other roles?

This is a question I asked myself after reading through a number of job specifications for software testing roles. I noted that the vast majority of these job specifications were looking for test automation engineers or software developers to work in test roles. The industry wide perception is that we should be fully focused on automation. However we as testers do a lot more then automation.

In my talk I will highlight everything we do outside of automation, what value we bring to organisations without even realising it, and trying to work out why we underrate ourselves.