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DevOps challenge in 5G

Szilárd Széll speaker at Test & Quality Summit 2020

Szilard Szell

Eficode, Finland

The presentation will focus on the DevOps challenge in Telco especially related to 5G, and how it is different from Enterprise IT. We will have special focus on the Telco Deployment Pipeline, Automated Everything and how an Agile team can collaborate to survive: technically, mindset wise and with practices.
After a short introduction of DevOps in 5G, it will be presented if Test Automation on its own is enough to solve testing challenges, and how Telco

DevOps is expanding the picture of Continuous Quality Assurance. We will discuss how the Telco DevOps pipeline looks like, how the teams shall be organized and what extra they need to deliver.

Key Takeaways

  • Why 5G DevOps view is different?
  • Understanding of the Telco DevOps pipeline
  • The focus of automation in Telco
  • Additional challenges of Agile teams in Telco DevOps, and proposed practices