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Accelerating Quality, Through Being Agile Not Just Doing It

Leanne Howard, Testing Quality Summit Speaker

Leanne Howard

Planit Testing, Australia

With 90+% of organisations well along with their business transformation journey or about to start, agility is a critical part.  In the 13th State of Agile report, almost half (47%) of organisations state that one of the benefits of adopting Agile is improved software quality. Still, only 11% organisations are getting it right, and this figure decreases further when attempted at scale.  Coupled with the fact that 64% of all software worldwide is used seldomly or not used at all. This means that a significant investment was made in building the wrong product which didn’t provide customers any value.

Business leaders want to get their products to market as quickly as possible, but it’s virtually impossible to release stable code without a sustainable testing process in place.  Teams need to be moving to “build and run”, by accelerating quality through building quality in and shift left practices.

Learn how to not just do agile but be agile!